The Ultimate Turquoise Dress for Summer

The Ultimate Turquoise Dress for Summer

Hi there!

Sandy toes, ocean views, and sun-kissed skin. Guess what?! It’s almost summer!!! Since this month we are able to go back to the beach again and I couldn't be happier! Restaurants are allowed to open again and sunbeds are spread out on the beach. Although many rules are still in force it does feel like life is getting back to normal just a little bit more.

Beach owners were busy with setting up their beach homes, the smell of paint was still in the air and the happy vibes of restaurants preparing for the sunny days ahead was oozing. It's like we are being lifted from a few very dark and silent months and dropped off in a better future. And what better way to celebrate than at the beach?

This evening and my love and I are going to a local restaurant for the first time in 2,5 months! I was one of the first to put in a reservation again and it almost feels like we are going on our first date.  Although I've really enjoyed the time we've had to spend at home, getting back to a more social life is so exciting. Even a trip to the dentist last week made me wanna dress up and look my best!

I hope you are enjoying a bit more freedom too. I hope you are able to go outside and soak up those rays of sunlight.

Sending you love & light

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