❤ Proudly made in India


Clothes made in India using ancient methods are vibrant, unique, and treasured around the world.

Many Indian artisans still keep with the traditions of the past by making everything by hand using the purest of materials.

Folkreligion is dedicated to bringing these gorgeous patterns and materials to the U.S.

All of our clothing is made in India. Even more importantly, we offer our Indian artisans fair wages and dignified, long-term employment, so every purchase supports these talented artists and their craft.

PICTURE 1> Indigo-dyed pants and shirts are strung out on a clothesline and left to dry at Colors of Nature, a small dying company in Auroville, India, which specializes in natural fabric dyes. The dyeing shop is a key contributor to what the company calls its "Clean Clothes Project" in south India, clothes produced in a way that promotes clean rivers, oceans, soil and air.

Today, clothing made in India strikes a perfect balance between time-honored traditions and modern best practices.

With its skillful artistry and designs that draw inspiration from Indian customs as well as nature, Indian clothing made from traditional processes is some of the most fascinating in the world.

The talented team of artisans we employ work in a close-knit community, where they oversee the final steps needed to turn our fabric into clothing and accessories before they’re sent to the U.S.

Each Folkreligion product is cut, stitched, ironed, and tagged by these accomplished artisans.

The result is beautiful, unique, eco-friendly clothing from India available for sale online.